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Student Therapy

Are you an ambitious and overwhelmed student in high school, college, or grad school?

If so, you’re probably stressed out, tired, and maybe losing motivation. The pressure of exams, essays, applications, or thesis statements on top of managing your personal life might feel like more than you can handle. You might even be questioning your academic path, doubting yourself, or fearful of messing up.

As a result, you may have a tendency toward overthinking and perfectionism, causing you to lose sleep and leaving you irritable and on-edge. This can lead to difficulties focusing, increased stress, and the possibility of not achieving the grades, scores, or opportunities you’re striving for.

This pressure is INTENSE. I get it, and I’ve been there. Being a student is hard work, and it can take a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health.

However, IT IS POSSIBLE to be a high achieving student and to be healthy and balanced at the same time. 

By being willing to receive help and realizing that your mistakes, grades, and achievements don't define you, you may begin to enjoy being a student again and perform better than ever before.

With my experiences as a high school social worker and therapist, I’ve counseled hundreds of high school, college, and university students through their toughest times. I’ve seen them overcome numerous obstacles by prioritizing their health and learning to manage their time and advocate for themselves effectively.


Therapy can support you with:

  • Building self-awareness and self-compassion 
  • Clarifying your priorities and values 
  • Developing effective time-management strategies 
  • Coping with worries and ruminating thoughts 
  • Regulating your emotions 
  • Facing your fears 
  • Improving self-confidence 
  • Advocating for yourself 
  • Committing to and following through with your goals

You can achieve:

  • Peace of mind 
  • Balance 
  • Increased focus and motivation 
  • Improved grades and test performance
  • More sleep and energy 
  • Belief in yourself 
  • Stronger relationships 
  • Healthy coping skills