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Teen Therapy

Is your teen under a lot of stress? Do they seem less happy than they once were?

The teenage years are an exceptionally difficult time. Hormone levels are skyrocketing and the pressure to succeed academically and to fit in socially is enormous. While it's normal for teens to struggle, it's important they receive extra support if they're becoming increasingly stressed, anxious, insecure, depressed, or isolated. 

If you're noticing these signs, you’re probably worried your teen won't be able to achieve their goals or live the happy and healthy life they deserve. You might even be blaming yourself, questioning if you can or should be doing more. As a parent, it is SO difficult to watch your son or daughter struggling. However, you don’t have to go through this alone; I’m here to support you both. Teen mental health counseling can help!

Therapy will provide your teen with a safe space to express and process their feelings without judgment, to learn more about themselves and their mental health, and to build the coping skills needed for managing stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and more. 

My recent background as a high school social worker makes me especially equipped as a teen therapist, given my in-depth understanding of what middle school, high school, and college students are experiencing. I know the ins and outs of academic and athletic environments in the teenage years. I also have experience implementing IEP and 504 plans, and I'm always happy to provide consultation and teamwork with pertinent school personnel or other care providers when needed.

With a team effort and a commitment to therapy, I've seen teens of all ages open up to support, build motivation and confidence, and start achieving their goals in school, sports, relationships, and more.

Teen therapy can help with:

  • Managing emotions and time more effectively
  • Prioritizing self-care practices
  • Advocating for and communicating needs
  • Discovering strengths and interests
  • Building confidence
  • Pursuing goals

Your teen can achieve:

  • Stronger time and stress management skills
  • Increased energy, focus, and motivation
  • Improved moods
  • Renewed excitement about school, life, and the future
  • Success in their classes, sports, or extracurricular activities